25 July 2014, Friday, 15:54

In Bashkortostan every eighth car loan is overdue - National Bureau of Credit Histories

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

In Bashkortostan, according to the National Bureau of Credit Histories, the sum of the existing car loans is 67.103 billion rubles. Of these, the amount of arrears, including term-expired loans constitutes 3.106 billion rubles. Residents of the republic have total 120398 car loans, 14206 of them are overdue. Consequently, the terms of payment are infringed at least at each eighth car loan in the republic.

In general, in Russia, according to NBCH research, rates of new car loans issue reduced. So, from January to June 2014, banks issued 392 000 car loans which is by 18.8 percent less than for the same period of the last year. The volume of loans on cars purchasing received by citizens in the first half of the year, fell by 9.3 percent — to 221.539 billion rubles.

As of July 1, the sum of current auto loans reached 1.506 trillion rubles. This is by 22.4 percent higher than as of the same date of the last year. The average size of the current auto loan is 526.527 thousand rubles, which is by 6.4 percent higher than a year earlier.