25 July 2014, Friday, 13:26

Zemfira was rated among major Russian celebrities by "Forbes"

author: Catherine Sokolova

Zemfira took the 17th place in the rating of 50 major Russian celebrities by "Forbes" magazine. According to the magazine 37-year-old native of Ufa earned 5.7 million dollars in the past year. In Yandex search engine there were 1,840,229 requests about Zemfira, and in the media she was mentioned 4655 times.

27-year-old Maria Sharapova who earned 24.4 million dollars in 2013 headed the "star" list. The second place went to the hockey player Alexander Ovechkin with 16.6 million dollars, and the third line is occupied by singer Grigory Leps, who replenished his budget by 12 million dollars.

Last year Zemfira took the 27th place in a similar rating of Forbes.