24 July 2014, Thursday, 18:38

Almost 39,000 new cars were sold in Bashkiria for six months

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Bashkortostan took the fifth place in the rating of Russian regions in terms of the new cars market for the six months of 2014. Such data are given by analytical agency "Autostat".

Overall, the new cars market during the reporting period reached 1109.8 thousand vehicles in Russia, which is by 8.9 percent less than the previous year (1218.8 thousand). Thus, the development of the automotive market has slowed down, even though for the first three months of the year a slight increase was marked.

In Bashkortostan, from January to June 38.9 thousand new cars were sold, which is by 11.6 percent less than for the same period of the last year (44,000).

Leading positions are traditionally occupied by Moscow and Moscow region, where for the first half of the year 173.5 thousand and 88.1 thousand new vehicles respectively were sold. The capital and its suburbs share in the total market constituted 23.5 percent of the market for six months. Together with St. Petersburg, located on the third place in the rankings, and the Leningrad region the market share of two capitals with suburbs amounted to 30.5 percent.