24 July 2014, Thursday, 13:55

Representative of Bashkortostan received a grant of the Russian Forum "Seliger 2014"

author: Catherine Sokolova

The resident of the city of Octyabrsky Ruslan Yusupov won a grant of 50,000 rubles at the Russian forum "Seliger 2014". According to the press centre of the Ministry of Youth and Sports RB, the project is designed to support people with disabilities. He has already held in his city a large sports Sabantui for physically challenged people. According to the winner, the first grant won by him will help to develop this experience.

Only for three sessions 400 projects were defended at "Seliger", organizers handed over certificates for 24 grants. As a result of the project Ruslan Yusupov scored the maximum 120 points and received the coveted grant.

To date, representatives of Bashkortostan, which developed such projects as "Information flow", "Youth self-governance", "Business"  and "Innovations" are present at "Seliger".