22 July 2014, Tuesday, 14:38

Bashkir students became world champions in futsal

author: Dmitry Slezin

In Spain in Malaga final matches ended at the World University Futsal Championship. The Russian team, which included students from Bashkir Institute of Physical Culture (BIFK) — Sergei Abramov and Nikolay Shisterov superbly competed at this global student forum.

In the match for the gold medal Russians won convincingly Brazilians — 8:5 and became world champions.

At the preliminary stage the Russian team won Oman — 15:1, Belarus — 4:1, Azerbaijan — 5:0. In the quarterfinals the Czech team was defeated- 5:0. In the semi-finals there was the hardest fight finished with a victory over a strong team of Iran — 2:1.

The best scorer of the Russians was the captain of our team – the fourth year student BIFK Sergei Abramov, who scored 7 goals. Sergei was also included in the symbolic world team.