21 July 2014, Monday, 14:37

Bashkiria enterprises received 49.2 billion rubles of profit YTD

author: Iliya Spiridonov

In January-May 2014 profit of enterprises and organizations of the republic amounted to 49.2 billion rubles, or 84.5 percent compared with the same period of the last year, according to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency.

The share of unprofitable enterprises exceeded 21 percent, the amount of loss was 8.4 billion rubles.

The Bashkortostan Statistics Agency notes that from the beginning of the year overdue accounts payable decreased by 9.9 percent and amounted to RUB 14.7 billion at the end of May (3.3 percent of total accounts payable). 85.9 percent of this amount are accounted for obligations to suppliers of enterprises, 2.1 — debts to the budget, 3,9 — debts to the state budget funds. From the beginning of the year loan debts of companies to banks increased by 23.5 percent, overdue debts – by 9.1 percent.

At the same time, overdue accounts receivable increased by 47.4 percent from the beginning of the year, amounting to 27.7 billion rubles (7.2 percent of total receivables). Most of this sum (79.4 percent) is related to debts of buyers.

It should be noted that small businesses, banks, insurance and budget organizations were not considered at calculating financial indicators.