17 July 2014, Thursday, 10:24

Bashkortostan became one of pilot regions for agglomerations development

author: Bashinform News Agency

A regular meeting of the Interagency working group on socio-economic development of urban agglomerations chaired by the Deputy Minister of Regional Development of the Russian Federation Valery Gayevsky took place in Sochi.

The event was attended by representatives of subjects of the Russian Federation and municipalities. Bashkortostan Republic was represented by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government RB — Minister of Economics Yevgeny Mavrin.

During the meeting the final list of pilot projects for testing and improving management mechanisms of urban agglomerations development in the Russian Federation was formed, as well as further work of Interagency working group with the selected projects was considered.

Bashkortostan Republic is among 14 pilot projects of agglomerations development. Total the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia received applications for inclusion in the list of pilot projects from 17 subjects of the Russian Federation.

South of Bashkortostan agglomeration is formed as a polycentric territorial entity with industrial orientation with three urban cores (the city of Sterlitamak, 277 thousand inhabitants; the city of Salavat, 155 thousand inhabitants; the city of Ishimbay, 66 thousand inhabitants) and 1 agricultural potential centre (Sterlitamak region, 41 thousand people). The total agglomeration area is 5,000 square kilometres, population — 563 thousand people. The average population density of agglomeration is 112 people per sq.km.