11 July 2014, Friday, 17:37

Rustem Khamitov presented state awards of Russia and Bashkortostan

author: Bashinform News Agency

On July 11, Rustem Khamitov presented state awards of Russia and Bashkortostan in Ufa. As the official website of the republic reports, medals, titles, letters of appreciation and certificates of honour were awarded to 47 specialists from different sectors of the economy and social sphere for their professional achievements.

"You are a model, an example for young people, for your companies’ teams. You make a creative atmosphere that literally makes everybody leather away at their jobs", the head of the region addressed to heroes of the occasion.

"I speak sincerely and once again I want to thank you for your work”, Rustem Khamitov said.

“We live in a good republic. We live in a successful republic; we live in a nice, beautiful city. We have a lot of unsolved problems, but we should not accentuate on this. We have only one life. And we should not constantly turn it into a negative "image". We all have families, close relatives. We should maintain optimism in people close to us. We need to announce that we have strong people and good achievements. It shouldn’t be the main purpose of our work. But it is not possible to belittle, humiliate oneself. Therefore, dear colleagues, you are responsible for the atmosphere in our society, for what is happening around us, at work, between employees of companies”, said the head of Bashkortostan.