11 July 2014, Friday, 14:50

Parents whose children have brought glory to the republic will be awarded in Bashkiria

author: Gulfiya Akulova

Parents, whose children have brought glory to Bashkortostan, will be awarded the «Parental valour» medal. Law on the inclusion of the "Parental valour" medal to the list of regional awards was adopted at the meeting of the State Assembly RB held on July 10.

According to amendments to the law "On state awards and honourary titles of the Republic of Bashkortostan" the medal will be awarded to parents (adoptive parents, guardians, trustees) raising children who have brought glory to the Republic of Bashkortostan, showed heroism or accomplished a feat to save human life, protected legality, order and security or made outstanding achievements in scientific, artistic, sports or any other socially significant activities. The foster parents with three or more children with disabilities or six or more orphans and children left without parental care will be also honoured with state awards.

As the press service of the Ministry of Labour of the republic informs, municipalities at the place of residence of applicants will apply for the award of the "Parental valour" medal, company teams of employees where they work, or public associations, which they are parties. The applications will be sent to the Commission on State Awards of the President RB. The decision on awarding will be made by the head of the republic.