09 July 2014, Wednesday, 14:39

The second ancient astronomical observatory was found in Bashkiria Uchalinsky region

author: Leila Aralbaeva

A complex of menhirs (rocks) of the Bronze Age was discovered in the village of Akhunovo of Uchalinsky region. The age of them is about four thousand years. "Bashkir Stonehenge" was astronomical observatory.

“The observatory was used to observe the sun, the moon, to define zodiacal constellations, points of sunrise, days of equinoxes and solstices. Also, these places were used for ceremonials", Vyacheslav Kotov, the employee of the Institute of History, Language and Literature, Ufa Science Centre told the Interfax-Volga Agency.

Detection of these megalithic complexes testifies to the fact that the people inhabiting this territory knew astronomy, had a calendar, including for the performance of rituals, and among them there were chiefs who organized the construction of menhirs,” the scientist said.

In the early 2000s in Akhunovo village scientists discovered the first megalithic complex, which was named "Ahunovskie Menhirs". The age of them is also more than four thousand years.