20 June 2014, Friday, 16:08

Operational readiness test began in the troops of Central Military District

author: Alim Faizov

Today, an integrated commission headed by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has started checking of operational readiness of the Central Military District.

Several mechanized infantry and anti-aircraft missile formations deployed in the territory of Western Siberia, Urals, including Bashkortostan, were suddenly put on alert and began to commit many kilometres marches by automotive vehicles and railway to destination areas located in unfamiliar ranges. Upon arrival, soldiers will perform firings of standard weapons. Several units will execute tasks in the course of liquidation of natural emergencies consequences.

The main purpose of the activities is to check comprehensively combat training of troops, readiness of formations and units to perform tasks in the shortest possible time, to assess the level of combat training and coordination of units, the Assistant Commander of Central Military District Yaroslav Roschupkin said.