11 June 2014, Wednesday, 16:02

Bashkir masters present their works at the International Crafts Festival

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Bashkir culture is presented at the International Crafts Festival of Indigenous Peoples of the World "Ugra-2014" in Surgut. The events started yesterday on June 10, and will last four days.

About 150 art scholars, ethnographers, historians, culture experts, teachers of educational institutions, masters of folk crafts from Russia, Serbia and Finland gathered at various venues. They represent technology in manufacture of toys, share the secrets of beading, weaving, pottery, art knitting and woodworking. Representatives of Bashkortostan also demonstrate their works. In addition, a representative of the House of Peoples' Friendship RB will make a report in the scientific part of the festival.

The forum will include a conference, contests of skills in different nominations. The summer creative workshop "Podvorye" is organized for children

The project is conducted under the auspices of UNESCO, it aims to revive and develop the best traditions of artistic craftsmanship.