11 June 2014, Wednesday, 13:26

Advisor to the President of Chamber of Commerce RB is awarded the prestigious international grant

author: Leila Aralbaeva

The Advisor to the President Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bashkortostan for Economic and Financial Affairs Arthur Bikbaev won the prestigious grant under the International Program Hubert H. Humphrey for 2014-2015. His candidacy was selected by Bureau of Educational and Cultural Programs U.S. on the basis of competitive selection by experts from 100 countries. Arthur Bikbaev became the first Russian economist who received a grant under the H.Hamfri program of economic direction. Since 1979, only 38 Russians became the holders of the grant under this program for other professional areas, the CCI RB informs.

The H.Hamfri Program Plan drawn up in accordance with the level of qualification of Arthur Bikbaev and his professional priorities, includes one year of academic study at the University of Michigan in the direction of "economic development" and an internship at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.