06 June 2014, Friday, 18:21

Average price of a new car is below the all-Russian in Bashkortostan

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

The average price of a new car in Bashkortostan amounted to 694.6 thousand rubles last year. The average price as a whole across Russia was 886 thousand rubles, by 51,000 rubles more compared with 2012. This was reported by the analytic agency "Autostat".

Experts conducted a study of financial capacity of new passenger cars market in the regions of Russia for 2011-2013. To do this they calculated the weighted average prices of new cars of vast majority of models sold in the market during the reporting period.

During the study a rating of regions based on weighted average price of a new car was compiled. The highest average prices were registered in the Primorye Territory (1,483 thousand rubles) and the Sakhalin Region (1,415 thousand rubles).

As the Executive Director of "Avtostat" Sergei Udalov mark, in 24 (more than one third ) of Russian regions the weighted average price of a new passenger car crossed the bar of the average nationwide values. In Bashkortostan the price (694.6 thousand rubles) was close to the minimum price of 649 thousand rubles fixed in Kalmykia.