06 June 2014, Friday, 17:23

State Labour Inspectorate will check labour conditions of teenagers during vacations in Bashkiria

author: Iliya Spiridonov

The State Labour Inspectorate on RB will check labour rights of teenagers working during the holidays, the head of the department Andrey Tsibizov informs.

"It is the summer period when we reveal massive violations of teenagers’ labour rights. Last year in Russia state labour inspectors spent 2850 checks of labour conditions of employees under the age of 18. Irregularities were detected in every second case", the head of the State Labour Inspectorate on RB said.

“An employment contract  made in the written form, a record in the workbook , a hiring order – these are necessary documents that ensure payment of wages and labour rights of seniors and students if they want to work during summer vacations”, the head of the supervisory authority underlined.

Recall that this summer it is planned to employ 11.5 thousand adolescents under the age of 18 only through the employment service.