06 June 2014, Friday, 14:36

Bashkir parliamentarians offer to deport migrants from the country for premeditated crimes

author: Catherine Sokolova

Bashkortostan parliamentarians together with the State Duma deputy Rafael Mardanshin proposed amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation in order to prevent illegal migration. Thus, according to the document, foreign nationals who have committed a premeditated crime in the territory of Russia, after serving a criminal sentence or release from it should be subject to mandatory deportation.

In addition, legislators propose amendments to the law "On Personal Data". As it is marked in the explanatory memorandum to the draft federal law, the processing of biometric personal data can be carried out without consent of the owner, including in cases of immigration laws violation of the Russian Federation.

For May 2014, 23895 violations of immigration laws were revealed in Bashkortostan. Decisions were made on deportation from Russia against 591 foreign citizens.