03 June 2014, Tuesday, 13:30

Daughter of Arbitration Court judge died in a road accident sent a petition to the President of the country

author: Bashinform News Agency

A petition appeared on the Internet, where its author asks the Russian President Vladimir Putin to toughen penalties for drivers who commit fatal accidents driving under the influence of alcohol.

As reported by  Vesti.Ru, the author of the document is the daughter of Marina Poltavets, judge of the Arbitration Court, who died under the wheels of Volkswagen Tuareg driven by Ilya Klimov. Recall that the tragic accident occurred on November 2 last year. A young man in a drunken state at a high speed crashed into NefAZ bus violently striking a pedestrian on the way. Marina Poltavets and a passenger of Volkswagen (close friend of Ilya Klimov) were killed.

In her petition, the daughter of the deceased asks the authorities to toughen punishment to such drivers. There is a request to increase the term of imprisonment from the current 9 to 25 years. More than 400 people have already signed the petition.