03 June 2014, Tuesday, 10:50

Four forest fires occurred during the weekend in Bashkiria

author: Iliya Spiridonov

Last weekend in Bashkortostan four new forest fires were recorded, the press service of the Ministry of Forestry of the republic informs.

The first of them occurred on May 30 at 500 metres from the border of Beloretsk through the fault of local residents. The creeping fire covered 0.2 hectares of forest.

On May 31, a ground fire was fixed in Aurgazinsky region, three kilometres from Kurmanaevo village. The fire passed 0.4 ha of forest area. The cause of the fire is not established yet.

Residents of the republic became responsible for two Sunday fires. One fire incident occurred in half a kilometre from the city of Octyabrsky. The fire damaged 0.6 hectares of forest.

The second fire occurred in Beloretsk area and covered 0.1 hectares of forested area.

All fires were extinguished during the day.

As the department employees mark, 16 fires were registered in Bashkortostan since the beginning of the fire hazardous season, where 72.84 hectares of forest were affected. The average area of forest fire — 4.55 ha. Extinguishing efficiency is 94 percent.