02 June 2014, Monday, 12:04

New charity portal appeared in Bashkiria Internet

author: Gulfiya Akulova

The "Open Republic" project has developed another portal — «Charity». As the press service of the Ministry of Labour RB informs, a new online resource will help those in need to get support by filling a special form.

Relevant charitable organizations can be found on the website. The new online resource can help charitable foundations in finding sponsors and patrons, and will be a good platform for coverage of their activities. Authorities can strengthen cooperation with NGOs through the portal.

In the future, the electronic charity portal will be a focal point with a data bank of people in need, philanthropists and charitable organizations, will improve the transparency, culture and popularity of charitable activity among the population.

Every resident of Bashkiria can also add a little of his kindness in this charity box — by sending SMS with the word "DOBRO" to the number 3443.