29 May 2014, Thursday, 11:57

Bashkir and Tatar families celebrated Sabantuy in Singapore

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Sabantuy with Tatars and Bashkirs from Turkey, Finland and Russia was held during the past weekend in Singapore. 25 people — members of six international families came to celebrate the "plough's feast". The holiday participants communicated in English, but also tried to speak Russian and Tatar.

“First of all, the holiday was arranged for our children, who are not familiar with the folk traditions,” the Sabantuy organizer Elvira Louis (Khabibulina) says. “Now they know why our ancestors carried out such a holiday, what it means. Furthermore, the participants cooked national dishes – belesh, uchpochmak and pilaf.”

“It is very important while being away from your homeland to preserve your culture and language”, the Sabantuy participant, the city of Meleuz native, currently – the head of PR agency for Russian companies in Asia Larks digital agency Gulnara Yakupova shares her opinion. “Such meetings are especially important for children so that they know their ancestors, their national music and costumes.”