29 May 2014, Thursday, 10:22

Discount tickets from Ufa to Simferopol were sold out in less than two days

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Discount tickets for flights from Ufa to Simferopol on subsidy summer program are sold out. On sale there are only tickets for the beginning of September, the sales offices of Ufa inform.

Sales for the flight were opened on May 26 at 22.00. As of May 28, 17.00 there were three tickets for September 7, at a price of 3025 rubles one-way. Full price ticket (without subsidies) costs 7300 rubles.

Recall that the regular flight Ufa — Simferopol by Red Wings airline is opened on June 8. The flights will be operated twice a week, on Fridays and Sundays. Departure from Simferopol will be at 12.05, arrival in Ufa – at 17.25 (local time). Departure from Ufa will be at 19.05, arrival time to Simferopol – at 19.05. Flights will be operated by Russian Tu- 204 aircraft.