26 May 2014, Monday, 17:16

Beloretsk residents collected 10 cubic metres of waste during cleaning the River White banks

author: Alim Faizov

In Beloretsk All Russian ecological campaign "Clean Banks to our Rivers and Lakes!" was held.

As part of the campaign Beloretsk residents cleaned the White riverbank — near the town beach, Krutoy Kamen and Belsky bridge. Total about 250 people took part in the clean-up of the banks of the river. More than 10 cubic metres of waste were collected and transported to the landfill of solid household waste for two hours.

Cleaning up of riverbanks with the organizational support of the All-Russian Society of Nature Preservation will be conducted by volunteers in 57 regions of the country, including in Bashkortostan.

The "Clean Banks to our Rivers and Lakes!" campaign is conducted on the initiative of the RF Ministry of Natural Resources.

Activities on cleaning the banks of water reservoirs will be held in the cities and regions in the period from May 26 to June 6.

“The purpose of this project is to improve the state of water bodies, develop social activity of people and careful attitude for nature in children and youth,” the chief specialist of information-analytical department of Beloretsky regional administration Olga Kolesnikova said.