23 May 2014, Friday, 17:36

More than eight thousand flowers were used for "Bashkir Bee" decoration

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

More than eight thousand flowers were used for the "Bashkir Bee" decoration, the official website of Ufa City Hall informs. This year's bee was decorated with begonias and coleuses.

Recall that architectural and floral composition "Bashkir Bee" was established in Soviet Square in 2007. Five years later it was moved to a crossroad of Gafuri and Pushkin Streets in Ufa.

The composition height is two metres, length — 3.5 metres. The metal frame has a base made of a dense mixture of peat, humus and clay. Flowers are planted exactly on this base. And the interior of the "Bee" is filled with straw, black soil and nutrient supplements that allow plants to withstand unusual growth conditions: some flowers on the wings and body of the bee grow downwards.

The Bee was dressed for the summer 2014 within five days. Now the "insect" requires constant care: watering, changing of flowers.

Employees of the "Green Economy" enterprise will serve floral monument since the planting season till the cold weather comes.