22 May 2014, Thursday, 15:17

FAS initiated a case against "Bashneft - Bashkirnefteproduct"

author: Catherine Sokolova

Bashkortostan Directorate of the Federal Antimonopoly Service initiated a case of antimonopoly legislation violation against "Bashneft- Bashkirnefteproduct". According to the supervisory authority, the monitoring of wholesale and retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel showed signs of violating Article 10 of the Federal Law of 26.07.2006 No. 135 -FZ. FAS believes that the retail price of fuel A-80 grew faster than the wholesale one.

The press service of Bashneft reported that at present time they were preparing materials justifying the cost of this grade of gasoline at filling stations.

The hearing is scheduled for June 3. If violations are proven "Bashkirnefteproduct" could face fines of up to 15 percent of the proceeds from the fuel sold.

Today, the retail price of gasoline "Normal AI-80" is 29.5 rubles per litre.

themes: FAS, Basheft, fuel