22 May 2014, Thursday, 13:45

Consolidated budget surplus totaled 1.1 billion rubles in Bashkiria at the beginning of May

author: Elvira Latypova

The revenues of the consolidated budget of Bashkortostan amounted to 50 billion rubles in January-April — 101.8 percent to four months in 2013. Spending was financed in the amount of 48.9 billion rubles (104.8 percent). Thus, the surplus of the consolidated budget of the republic constituted 1.1 billion rubles, it follows from the reports of the Ministry of Finance RB.

Tax and non-tax revenues amounted to 41.5 billion rubles, with a growth of 5.9 percent. Their main sources were personal income tax (30.3 percent of all tax and non-tax revenues), corporate income tax (24.8), excise taxes (12.9), property taxes (19.4). Proceeds from all listed types of revenues, except for excises increased in the current year.

Revenues from use of the state owned property and municipal property amounted to about 3 billion rubles — 7.3 percent of all tax and non-tax revenues.

Gratuitous receipts made 8.5 billion rubles (17 percent of revenues), which is by 14.4 percent less than the revenues in January — April 2013.

The spending component of the consolidated budget is socially oriented by 80.4 percent.

In January-April the revenues of budget of the Republic of Bashkortostan amounted to 40.9 billion rubles (103 percent to the same period in 2013), spending — 39.7 billion rubles (104.6 percent). Revenues of local budgets made 21.1 billion rubles (102.9 percent), spending — 21.3 billion rubles (106.9 percent).