21 May 2014, Wednesday, 16:53

679.8 million rubles will be allocated to subsidize flights to Simferopol from the federal budget

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

679.8 million rubles are provided within the program of subsidizing flights to Simferopol and return flights in the federal budget, according to the Rosaviation website.

Currently, the department began to conclude contracts with airlines to perform subsidized air transportation of passengers to Simferopol and back.

The special subsidized fares will operate in 17 Russian cities located in North-Western, Volga, Ural and Siberian federal districts from June 1 to October 31.

The flight Ufa — Simferopol — Ufa will cost five thousand rubles.

Bids to perform subsidized flights to the Republic of Crimea were received from "AK Bars Aero", "Alrosa", "Nordavia", "Red Wings", "Siberia", "Ural Airlines", "Yakutia" and "Yamal" airlines.

Within seven days after the conclusion of contracts with Rosaviation carriers must register special fares in their booking systems, publish them according to the established procedures and open ticket sales.

The program of special fares applies to all passengers without restrictions (including foreign tourists).