19 May 2014, Monday, 16:44

Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency re-conducts online consulting on USE matters

author: Elmira Sabirova

On May 26, the main stage of the United State Exam (USE) kicks off, the first discipline is Geography and Literature. In connection with this Rosobrnadzor (the Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency) employees conduct regular online consultations on the exam matters on May 19.

Real time consultations will be carried out by the head of the Agency Sergey Kravtsov and specialists of the department.

Consultation hours will be from 8 am to 20 pm Moscow time. Not depending of the region of residence, everyone will be able to ask questions by phone 8-800-555-72-73, as well as by e-mail 2014ege@mail.ru and skype ege- 2014-s, Twitter: e_EGE_2014.

During the exam citizens can send information on violations to e-mail ege@obrnadzor.gov.ru, online resources monitoring messages to monitor_ege@obrnadzor.gov.ru, the website of the department informs.

In Bashkortostan, more than 24,350 people are registered for taking the Unified State Exam.