13 May 2014, Tuesday, 17:01

Young forest will be planted on 10.5 thousand hectares in Bashkortostan

author: Iliya Spiridonov

This spring reforestation of 10.5 thousand hectares is planned in Bashkortostan, the press service of the Ministry of Forestry of the republic informs. It will be mainly conifers.

“To date planting of young forest is completed on the area of 1086 hectares across the republic. Tenants of woodlots planted 257 hectares”, Marat Kabirov, the head of protective afforestation department of the Ministry of Forestry RB informs.

Recall that last year reforestation covered 10.6 thousand hectares in RB, which corresponds to the felling area. Bashkortostan was named by the Federal Forestry Agency among regions exceeded the plan in this direction. In terms of forest planting the republic occupies the first place in the Volga Federal District.

themes: forest, planting