08 May 2014, Thursday, 17:07

Bashkir Government approved a plan of reforest works for 2014

author: Elvira Latypova

Reforestation plan for 2014 in shelterbelts not located within the forest fund is approved by the Government of Bashkortostan. The corresponding Government Decree  was published on the official web portal of legal information.

Volumes of clear felling and selective sanitary felling are defined for each municipal area. As a whole across the republic clear felling should be carried out on the area of 1 221.7 hectares, selective sanitary felling — on 6778 hectares.

Moreover, in eight regions on the area of 76 hectares planting of shelterbelts should be made to replace felled plantations. 44 hectares of them will in Tuimazinsky region, 11 hectares — in Meleuzovsky region. The forest laboratory of the Ministry of Forestry will analyze the soil for optimum selection of planting material for each of the eight regions.