05 May 2014, Monday, 12:54

Sharp rise in river levels is expected in Sterlitamak

author: Galiya Nabieva

From May 4 to 9, more than twofold increase in the discharge of water from the Yumaguzinskoye Reservoir is expected, Sterlitamak flood commission reports. Water discharge to the River White floodplain, backwater and increased water levels in the rivers Ashkadar and Sterlya are possible.

City officials appealed to residents of these rivers’ coastline to be prepared for the rise of water and its potential freshet. Local residents should keep their radio and TV sets turned on for further information. People are asked to postpone their planned weekends near the river banks: it is life-threatening. Phones of united operations control centre 05, 2-000-45, from mobile phones 112; 25-12-68 (rescue squad).