05 May 2014, Monday, 10:21

It is planned to implement a large investment project in the livestock sector of Bashkortostan

author: Sergey Zakharov

The Bashkortostan Government adopted a decree on creating a working group for preparation and implementation of the investment project on building a dairy farm for 2400 heads of dairy cattle in Maygaza village of Belokataysky region and determining its basic parameters. The Deputy Prime Minister — Government Chief of Staff Ilshat Tazhitdinov is appointed responsible for the execution of the decree.

The large investment project will be implemented within the framework of the medium-term complex program on social and economic development of the north-east regions of Bashkortostan for 2011-2015. The document was adopted in 2009. Its priorities are to increase the competitiveness of the economy; to improve local infrastructure development; to increase level and quality of life, as well as the efficiency of the municipal management of the north-east.