30 April 2014, Wednesday, 16:58

Mezhgorye residents met with Olga Vilukhina

author: Galiya Nabieva

Mezhgorye activists of the local branch of "Young Guard of United Russia" and city residents met with the medal winner of the Winter Olympics in Sochi and their countrywoman Olga Vilukhina, ER.RU reports.

The audience hall of "Crystal" recreation centre was packed to capacity. More than 500 Mezhgorye residents came to see the two-time silver Olympic champion "Sochi- 2014" Olga Vilukhina, the alumnus of local sports school "Yuonost" and a graduate of the school No.3. After viewing a video about the Russian Olympic medalist 2014, Olga Vilukhina with her personal trainer Valery Ivanov came on the stage greeted with thunder applause.

The young people took the unique opportunity to talk with Olga Vilukhina in a friendly atmosphere. Fans asked her a lot of questions, to which she sincerely replied.  She told about how she began her sports career, how she succeeded. For a long time residents of the city did not break up and took pictures with the athlete, wished her new victories, presented gifts, flowers, confessed their love.