30 April 2014, Wednesday, 12:20

Bashkiria’s consolidated budget has a surplus of 1.4 billion rubles in the first quarter

author: Elvira Latypova

As of April 1, the consolidated budget of Bashkortostan, has revenues in the amount of 32 491,8 million rubles, which is comparable to the same index of 2013. Spending was financed for 31,118 million rubles — 106.9 percent compared to January- March 2013. Thus, the surplus of the consolidated budget of the republic amounted to 1 373,8 million rubles in the first quarter of the year, the Ministry of Finance RB reports.

Tax and non-tax revenues amounted to 28 168.9 million rubles in the total revenues structure of the consolidated budget – by 8.4 percent more than in January-March 2013. Uncompensated receipts declined by 33.5 percent — to 4 332.9 million rubles, that is 13.3 percent of consolidated revenues.

81.1 percent of spending is of social type.

In the first quarter the budget of Bashkortostan Republic has revenues in the sum of 27 096,1 million rubles ( 102.7 percent compared to January- March 2013), spending — 25 494,9 million rubles (106.3 percent).

Local budget revenues amounted to 13 305,9 million rubles (97.1 percent to the first quarter of 2013), spending — 13 533,3 million rubles (106.4 percent).

themes: budget, surplus