28 April 2014, Monday, 16:53

Shulgan-Tash Reserve held children competition in Bashkir epos knowledge

author: Marina Chepikova

A creative competition based on the "Ural- Batyr" and "Akbuzat" epos finished in Burziansky region. It was organized by Shulgan-Tash Reserve to encourage children to read a poetic description of life and deeds of the heroes of Bashkir epic tales.

186 works were submitted for the competition, most in the genre of painting. Younger students were particularly active in this part. As the reserve officer Lyalya Khaibullina tells, senior students chose more often literary nomination. Fifteen children and two adults – a teacher from Abdulmambetovo village and Starosubhangulovo village were recognized the winners.

The Shulgan-Tash Reserve presented all the participants with letters of appreciation. "Our goal has been achieved: we managed to receive a lot of bright works that demonstrated patriotism and not indifferent attitude to the history and culture of our people, to our future. We, as an environmental organization were able to contribute to the Year of Culture", Lyalya Khaibullina summed up the competition.