25 April 2014, Friday, 14:30

Since the beginning of the fire hazardous season more than eight hectares of woodland burned in Bashkortostan

author: Gulfiya Akulova

From April 1 to 25 three forest fires are recorded in Bashkortostan.

The last fire occurred in the region on April 23 and as the previous two ones it was eliminated on the same day. As the control service of the Ministry of Forestry RB reports, the fire occurred in Gafuriysky region, in 1.2 kilometers from Saitbaba village. 1.5 ha of forest burned due to careless handling with fire. 13 people participated in fire extinguishing, six units of specialized equipment were used.

The total area covered with these three fires was 8.54 hectares, the press service of the Ministry of Forestry RB informs. To date, there are no existing forest fires in the region.