23 April 2014, Wednesday, 15:56

Bashkortostan sent to Crimea the second convoy with humanitarian aid

author: Elmira Sabirova

On Wednesday, April 23, the second humanitarian convoy is sent from Bashkortostan to Crimea. Two trucks will deliver foodstuffs, daily necessities, as well as computer equipment for schools, including interactive computer class, musical instruments and museum equipment to Belogorsky region supervised by our republic.

The convoy departed from the Monument of Friendship in Ufa.

Also an ambulance vehicle, school bus and "Gazelle" minibus will be delivered to Belogorsky region.

In future, loads will be formed in accordance with the needs of residents and organizations in Crimea.

Recall that the first convoy carrying 75 tons of humanitarian supplies from Bashkortostan arrived in Simferopol on March 27.