22 April 2014, Tuesday, 15:49

Ecological lessons devoted to water protection were organized for children in Ufa

author: Marina Chepikova

Today the traditional spring campaign "March for Parks 2014" ends. During the "March for Parks" reserves, national parks and other environmental, governmental and educational organizations initiate and conduct round tables, press conferences, open days, radio and television programs, children's environmental activities, exhibitions, promotions and volunteer actions and raising charitable funds to support protected areas.

Basically activity is observed on the territory of specially protected natural areas, in schools located near nature reserves and parks.

In this regard, thematic lessons in Environmental Centre of Leninsky district of Ufa, organized with the participation of specialists from the National Park "Bashkiria" were particularly emotional. The weekly cycle of events was devoted to the theme "Water for Life — in the Wild Life". Children demonstrated good knowledge of types of water reserves, their importance and protection. During the lessons, they guessed various puzzles, watched a cartoon on environmental topic, asked many questions.