22 April 2014, Tuesday, 12:05

Part of the Kapova Cave is flooded in Shulgan-Tash Reserve

author: Marina Chepikova

Due to high water in the Shulgan- Tash Reserve an entrance part of the Kapova Cave is flooded. This occurred due to the fact that the river Shulgan has overflown its banks as it always happens in spring. This winter there is quite a lot of snow in the mountains. Today the water reaches already the knee level and continues to rise. Passage to the far part of the Cave is not possible, tours are suspended.

The Reserve officer Zilya Ibatullina considers that in a few days the water level in the turbulent river will get back to normal.

And so far preparations for the summer season are in full swing in the Reserve. Together with Trans-Urals branch of Bashkir State Agrarian University and LLC “Kapova Tour” tour guides are selected and trained for working in the museum and tour complex during the season of 2014.