18 April 2014, Friday, 14:15

Engineering enterprises cluster will be created in Bashkortostan

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

In Bashkiria a cluster of engineering companies of oil industry will be created, the director of the Institute of Oil Refining of Bashkiria Elshad Telyashev said.

“The cluster will unite design offices”, he said. “Currently, there are about 30 of them in Bashkiria, there is no such concentration of designing companies in other regions of Russia.

The cluster launching will be announced at the specialized exhibition "Gas.Oil.Technology ", which will be held in Ufa from April 22 to 25.

Recall that the chemical industries cluster works already in Bashkiria; it unites the enterprises producing additives, reagents, catalysts for oil refining industry. A unified information base is created – a multiple access centre where businesses can publish information about themselves and their products. Now cluster unites 15 enterprises, ten companies more declared their intention to join the association.