17 April 2014, Thursday, 16:20

Bashkiria is in the sixth place in Volga Federal District on average wages and in the last - in terms of its growth

author: Elvira Latypova

Average monthly salaries among the full range of organizations in January- February was 21 752.8 thousand rubles in Bashkortostan. This is the sixth position in the Volga Federal District, according to the materials of Bashkortostan Statistics Agency.

Tatarstan was distinguished with the highest average earnings (25 470.9 rubles per month). It is followed by the Perm Territory (24 953.4 ), Samara (23 387.2), Nizhny Novgorod (23 366) and Udmurtia Regions (21 890.3). The smallest average salary in the district is in Mordovia (17 874.5 rubles).

The regional average earnings in real terms (adjusted for inflation) increased most of all in the Udmurt Republic (9.5 percent compared to January -February 2013) and the Perm territory (8.9). Bashkortostan took the last position in the district rankings on growth of real wages with the index of 2.4 percent.