14 April 2014, Monday, 15:47

Immunopreparat modernized a shop for production of rabies vaccine

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The "Immunopreparat "  company  - Ufa branch  of research and production association "Microgen" modernized a shop for production of cultural rabies vaccine. For this purpose 6829 thousand rubles were directed, the press service of the company informs.

“The upgraded equipment complies with international standards”, said the spokesman of "Microgen" in Ufa Guzel Yusupova . “The rabies vaccines shop is equipped with modern centrifuge device for cleaning and disinfection of air, split systems, a photometer and a microscope.”

Earlier production facilities of rabies vaccine at the Ufa pharmaceutical company were equipped with analytical balance GR- 200 of special accuracy class, quality testing devices of water for injection, special facilities for cleaning material, from which the vaccine is manufactured.

According to specialists of the company, the Ufa vaccine is highly competitive to foreign analogues with its immunobiological properties. It allows reducing the dose of the drug as compared to the vaccine manufactured before and shortening the course of vaccinations.