14 April 2014, Monday, 13:03

Total lunar eclipse will occur on April 15

author: Galiya Nabieva

The first eclipse expected in 2014 will occur on April 15. However, as reported in the Ufa planetarium it will not be seen in Bashkiria. The lunar eclipse can be observed only by residents of North and South America.

Within 1 hour 19 minutes the Moon will be fully immersed in the southern part of the Earth's shadow, thus acquiring the purple colouring. The eclipse will begin at 10:52 Ufa time, the maximum phase will be at 13:46 and the eclipse will end at 16:39.

At this time in the territory of Russia will be the daytime, and we will not see the eclipse.

In Russia the ending of the eclipse will be seen only in the Far East and in some areas on the Pacific coast — only its partial phases.

The next and last in this year's lunar eclipse will occur on October 8.

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