10 April 2014, Thursday, 16:17

April 10 - International Day of Resistance

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

International Day of Resistance movement is celebrated annually on April 10 and is dedicated to all those who resisted the Nazis during the Second World War in the territories occupied by the troops of the Third Reich.

The resistance movement acquired the greatest scope in the Soviet Union, Italy, Poland, France, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

In some countries (Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Albania, Vietnam, Philippines) the resistance movement has grown into a national liberation war against the invaders. In Yugoslavia and Albania national liberation war against the invaders merged with the civil war against internal reaction. In the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway the leading forms of the movement were strikes and anti-fascist demonstrations. In Germany, it was mostly conspiratorial activities of some groups involving people in the struggle against fascism, distribution of anti-fascist materials, assisting people taken to Germany as foreign workers and prisoners of war.

In each country, the resistance movement was deeply national in nature, but at the same time it was an international movement, as the objective was the same — the defeat of fascism, liberation of occupied countries from invaders. Actions of the movement participants in different countries have significantly contributed to the victory of the anti-Hitler coalition and the closer end of the war.