07 April 2014, Monday, 10:24

This year 16 projects will receive the grant of the President in the field of culture

author: Gulfiya Akulova

The Republican committee will consider presidential grants in 2014. On April 8, a meeting of the Commission devoted to the competition for the grants of the President of the Bashkortostan Republic to support the most important creative projects in the field of theatre, music, choreography, visual arts and cinematography will be held at the Ministry of Culture RB.

The procedure of grants awarding has been changed. As the department spokeswoman Leila Ishmuratova informs, this year 100 applications were received for participation in the competition. Of these, 16 projects will be implemented. A new category of participants was added — fine arts projects. Now, painters, graphic artists, sculptors and other representatives of fine arts are entitled to apply for the grant competition. There are also changes in the grants amount. Republican creative teams on a competitive basis will be awarded the following grants: 2 grants — per 15 million rubles, 5 grants – per 10 million rubles, 2 grants – per 5 million rubles, 3 grants – per 2 million rubles, 4 grants – per 1 million rubles.