04 April 2014, Friday, 10:19

Exhibition of Bashkir painter Akhmat Lutfullin will be opened in Ufa

author: Gulfiya Akulova

On April 4, an exhibition of paintings by the outstanding republican painter Akhmat Lutfullin is opened in Ufa Museum of Modern Art.

Akhmat Fatkullovich Lutfullin is the People's Artist of the USSR, Honored Artist of the RSFSR and BASSR. He was born on February 4, 1928 in Abzelilovsky region. The future artist studied at the Leningrad School of Architecture and Art, in theatre and art college in Ufa. The main education in the field of fine arts Akhmat Lutfullin received in Vilnius Institute of Artists. The most of his paintings describe the history, the life of the Bashkir people, he also painted ordinary people. The master managed to express the essence of his contemporaries in portraits and thematic compositions.

Achmat Lutfullin’s paintings were first presented to the public in Ufa in 1957. His portraits "Safa", "Mustafa Aga", "Mechanic" won particular attention. Achmat Lutfullin influenced the development of Bashkir painting during the second half of the twentieth century.

Exhibition of the artist’s works will be held in the museum SI named after Nail Latfullin until April 11, at 32, Karl Marx Street, Ufa.