02 April 2014, Wednesday, 10:27

KumAPP completed the year with a billion of losses due to helicopters supplies reschedule for 2014

author: Elvira Latypova

JSC "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise" (KumAPP) completed the year of 2013 with a net loss of 1.047 billion rubles, according to the company report. The previous year KumAPP  worked profitably: 25.3 million rubles.

KumAPP revenue declined 2.2 times to the level of 2012 — to 4.2 billion rubles. Cost of sales decreased by 2.6 times — to 2.8 billion rubles. Gross profit developed at 1.4 billion rubles (minus 29 percent by 2012). Loss before tax amounted to about 880 million rubles against profit in the amount of 95 million rubles in 2012.

As the press service of the holding "Russian Helicopters" explains, indexes reduction is connected with postponement of helicopters delivery from 2013 to 2014 and is not associated with reduced orders on hand or slowdown in production.

JSC "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise" is a part of the holding company "Russian Helicopters". It is engaged in development, manufacture, sale, repair and testing of aviation equipment.