01 April 2014, Tuesday, 15:52

In Bashkiria cost of social services increased by 5 percent

author: Galiya Nabieva

All federal benefit recipients, about 364 thousand people in Bashkortostan will receive a monthly cash payment increased by 5 percent since April 1 this year.

At the same time the amount of funds allocated for the provision of social services increases. From April 1, it will be 881.63 rubles. This social package includes 679.05 rubles — for receiving free of charge medical preparations; 105.05 rubles — for sanatorium treatment; 97.53 rubles — for free travel by the suburban railway, as well as by long-distance transport to the place of treatment.

According to the Pension Fund RB, on March 1, 2014 the number of people receiving social services in kind amounted to 106,950 people, or 29 percent of people entitled to monthly cash payment. Accordingly, 71 percent of citizens preferred to receive it as monetary compensation.

Federal benefit recipients eligible to receive social services can apply for cancellation of obtaining a set of such services, or a separate part thereof, or resume receiving it in-kind before October 1, this year.