31 March 2014, Monday, 17:29

Employees of Bashkortostan Rosreestr transferred 200 thousand rubles to Crimeans

author: Galina Bakhshieva

“A campaign to raise funds for people of Crimea lasted one week. Total, during this time more than 217 thousand rubles have been collected. Members of the staff and territorial departments of Rosreestr participated in the campaign”, the assistant chief of Bashkortostan Directorate of Rosreestr Natalia Shagieva informs.

This campaign became one of many initiatives manifested by employees of republican departments, organizations and residents of Bashkortostan.

For example, earlier the initiative of the President of Bashkortostan and deputy prime ministers on transferring their one-day salary to Crimeans was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture RB.

UMPO employees donated more than 570,000 rubles. More than 100 thousand rubles were collected and sent to help the inhabitants of Crimea by Muslims of Bashkortostan.

Last week, a humanitarian cargo from Bashkortostan for Crimea residents arrived in Simferopol. Convoy of four trucks travelled a way of 2.5 thousand kilometres.