27 March 2014, Thursday, 17:23

"Gallery ART" presents drawings of old and contemporary Ufa

author: Gulfiya Akulova

In Ufa salon "Imir" in the "Gallery Art" shopping mall an exhibition of paintings and graphics by Ilshat Mukhametyanov is presented. The master’s works include engravings, pastel and drawings. The topics of his paintings are history and contemporaneity. The artist skillfully transforms reality into a world of artistic images and associations. His realistic works contain a discreet portion of conventionality; each painting has its shape and style expressing the artistic concept. The graphic artist successfully participates in large-scale exhibitions in the republic and abroad. Ilshat Mukhametyanov presented a series of works "Old Ufa" and "Modern Ufa" at Ufa exhibition.

The exhibition will be exhibited in the salon until April 25.