26 March 2014, Wednesday, 16:03

Statistics will conduct sample surveys to assess level of life in Bashkortostan

author: Elvira Latypova

During 2014 Bashkortostan Statistics Agency will hold three sample surveys to assess the level of life of the population — in March, April and September.

In March, a sample survey on household incomes and participation in social programs will be conducted in the republic. It will cover 1056 households. It will provide data on cash income and total household incomes, types of income sources and amounts of income recipients in families, on the amount of compulsory payments and debt burden of the population.

The April survey will show how people use their time. On the example of 210 households statistics will learn, in particular, time expenditures on employment, on household chores and child-rearing, participating in educational programs.

In September, a comprehensive monitoring of living conditions will be held. This survey will be the biggest; it is planned to interview members of 1485 households. Statistics will receive data on living conditions of the families and their need on ensuring safe and supportive environment, healthy lifestyle, education and development of children, increase in employment, occupational and social mobility, improvement of living conditions. This survey will be held once in two years since 2014.